Business Consulting


Organizations tend to develop “blind spots” that prevent internal leadership teams from seeing the best approach to overcoming a challenge. Business analysis studies the people, processes, resources and systems that comprise a business and observes how they interrelate. Business analysis also examines the ecosystem outside of the business, such as its customers, partners, vendors and competitors. The process usually uncovers non-obvious approaches to accomplishing goals and breaking through performance barriers.

There are different reasons for conducting a business analysis; here are a few common ones.

  • Process improvement—reducing delivery cost and time by eliminating redundancy
  • Preparing a business for sale or merger
  • Assessing the viability of a new strategy or product line
  • Making technology decisions—evaluating the capability of the current infrastructure against projected future demand
  • Implementing significant changes to your service delivery model
  • Pursuing a new market or expanding into new territory
  • Solving a difficult operational or marketing problem
  • Risk management—identifying latent threats or risks and developing strategies for managing them

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