Making Federal and NC Tax Payments Online

When making tax payments to the IRS or to the NC Department of Revenue (NCDOR), paying online is an available option.  Payments for Tax Due with Returns, for Estimated Taxes and for Extensions can be made using this method.

To Make A Federal Tax Payment:

Go to the IRS website for making a tax payment.  

  • Select ‘Make a Payment’
  • Under ‘Pay Your Taxes Now’ select if you are paying by direct pay (bank draft) or debit/credit card’.  There is no charge to pay by bank draft.  Fees for credit/debit cards are noted on the website.
  • Select ‘Make a Payment’
  • Select your reason for payment –    ‘tax return’, ‘extension’, ‘estimate’…
  • Select the Tax period year to which your payment should be applied.
  • Click Continue / Confirm your selections / Verify your identity
  • Select a tax year and complete the screen with the information from that year.   Check Privacy box and click Continue.
  • Enter your payment amount and payment date. 
  • Enter your banking or credit/debit card information.
  • Enter your email for confirmation.   Complete Electronic Signature.  Click ‘Agree’ to the Disclosure Authorization. 
  • Click submit.  Verify and Print the Confirmation.

To Make A North Carolina Tax Payment:

Go to the NC Dept of Revenue website for making a tax payment.

  • Select ‘File & Pay’.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Commonly Filed Taxes’ section.
  • Select the type of tax you are paying –
    • Individual Taxes:
      • Individual Taxes:Individual Income Tax D-400V
      • Individual Income Tax Extension D-410
      • Individual Income Estimate NC-40 
      • Individual Income Amended D-400V
    • Corporate Taxes:
      •        Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Payment CD-V
      •        Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Extension CD-419
      •        Corporate Income Estimated Tax CD-429
  • Complete your contact information,   click next.
  • Complete your tax payment information, click next.
  • Select your payment method, Debit/Credit or Bank Draft.  There is no charge to pay by bank draft.  Fees for credit/debit cards are noted on the website.
  • Complete your payment information and draft date, click next.
  • Re-enter your bank account, click next.
  • Verify your payment and print the confirmation.